Fire Art Festa 2018

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The gift of new “Artistic Scenery” of Gyeongpo Beach, the Art Museum at the Sea!
Fire Art Festa 2018: Heonhwaga ‘A Song Dedicated to Fire’


February 2 (Fri.) – 25 (Sun.) 2018


Gyeongpo Beach of Gangneung
(1-1 San Anhyeon-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do)


Daytime (regular exhibition) / nighttime (17:00 ~ 22:00)

Burning Eve Festival

February 2nd (Fri) 2018 17:00 * The eve festival time may vary.

Special performance

“Fire Art and Performance”
February 10th (Sat), February 16th (Fri), February 17th (Sat), February 24th (Sat)

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Making Fire on the Beautiful East Sea!

Fire Art Festa 2018

(Subheading: Heonhwaga (Song of Offering Fire))



Hot Flame of Art at Cold Winter Sea, the Joy of Fire is Delightful!

The installation artworks from the vitality of Gangwon-do nature and stories blaze up at Gyeongpo Beach!

The art festival of nature to have fire art exhibition, performance, and citizen-participatory art program

with the spirit of sunrise at the East Sea, Fire Art Festa 2018.


The artwork, the ultimate masterpiece of the Earth,


The grand Heonhwaga (Song of Offering Fire) burning gigantic sculpture

works to make them to be returned back to nature!


The marvelous moment granted by domestic and foreign artists with creative imagination and artistry,

Come and join for the joy and impression at the winter sea of Gangneung, the stage for the Cultural Olympiad!


Photo Gallery


Via personal vehicle 1-1 San Anhyeon-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do



  No reservation required


  Outdoor exhibition

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